Update – 11 February 2012

Hello Everyone!

First off, apologies for the [incredibly long] delay in new posts on this website.

If you were not aware, three mini-episodes are now online on at www.vanguarddivision.libsyn.com. Please show you support by subscribing to the series on iTunes, and leaving a comment on either iTunes or this website!

N.J. [Writer and Producer] and I are busy getting more mini-episodes out while working on the pilot episode of In The Line Of Duty. The release date should be announced soon, along with a promo.

I want to thank our incredible cast for being so patient and hard working!

More news coming soon.

Ben Reed



Casting Information (As of 9-18-2011)


Gary Rico (Christopher Stadther) – Field Agent in the Central Intelligence Agency, trained to be unstoppable.


David Williams (Mat Weller) – A Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, Williams has spent most of his life in the military and is ready to retire.

Jack Anders (David Ault) – A Major in the British SAS, somewhat of a brute with a dark past.

Samantha Richardson (Deborah Adams) – Captain, and Doctor, in the US Army. She takes life and death seriously.

Kelvin Derek (H Keith Lyons) – Lieutenant General, member of the Joint Chief’s of Staff, a hard nosed commander.

Rachel Winters (Eleiece Krawiec) – Captain in the US Army, currently serving with the United Nations.

Character and Casting Information

David Williams (Mat Weller) – A Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, Williams is a determined commander who will stop at nothing to complete the mission.

Jack Anders (David Ault) – A Major in the British SAS, somewhat of a brute with dark past.

More character information coming soon. More cast members:

Samantha Richardson (Deborah Adams)

Kelvin Derek (H Keith Lyons)

Rachel Winters (Eleiece Krawiec)


Hello readers!

You’re probably wondering what Project: In The Line Of Duty is… here’s the scoop so far… Project: In The Line Of Duty is an audio drama action & adventure series set in the year 2021. It follows Colonel David Williams who together with Major Jack Anders are sucked into a world were lies and deceit everywhere.

And now a little bit about the people running the show… Ben Reed, myself, I am a writer, and Noel Rainford another writer, who’s work can be found at Darker Projects, and over at Misfits Audio.

So for the moment, spread the word about the show, check out our twitter page (Upper right corner of the website), and get involved!

More news coming soon!